Bass CRAVE My Jig And Pontoon Boats Too

Bass CRAVE My Jig    And Pontoon Boats Too

Bass CRAVE My Jig And Pontoon Boats Too In this episode we take the boat on lake Sherwood to try and get on some evening bass All in all it was an OK day I tried my best Got some decent LMBs in the boat but also lost too many which was on my part Still had a great time on the water as usual and cant wait to get back out Thanks so much for watching and be sure to SUBSCRIBE if you enjoy these kinds of videos much appreciated check description for more details on bait conditions etc as always Start Fishing Cast Retrieve Repeat Jake Fishing Conditions 79F and sunny 2 4mph wind Water clarity not much at all lots of weeds and algae on the surface not ideal Baits used Strike King Bitzy Bug jug in 1 4oz and black and blue Trailer Strike King Rage tail craw in black and blue Rod Reel Rods I was 6 6 quot uglt stick elite Reels Pfluger President Spinning Reel Line 10 power pro music used rain harris cole aedfx remix Equipment Used GoPro Hero 4 Silver Cannon t4i Rode Video mic Pro more about at Bass CRAVE My Jig And Pontoon Boats Too