Rant New Zealand CAA s new drone rules almost a year on

Rant  New Zealand CAA s new drone rules  almost a year on

A brickbat for New Zealand s Civil Aviation Authority almost a year after they lumped the responsible genuine RC fliers in with the droners and stripped us of several key freedoms we hadd safely enjoyed for many decades without problems In August 2015 the New Zealand CAA decided in their wisdom that anything which flies regardless of size or mass and can be remotely controlled is now an quot aircraft quot just like a C172 A320 or 747 In this video I have a little rant about the CAA s poor performance in the area of creating a sensible regulatory framework for the use of drones and RC flying models by way of good rules adequate promulgation and consistent enforcement Not good enough CAA Surely your entire collection of exception riddled rules could be condensed from the current five pages of regulations down to this quot No operator of an RPAS shall operate their craft in a manner that constitutes a danger or threat to the person or property of another in the air or on the ground and such craft must always remain below 400 feet AGL except when expressed prior permission has been granted by the relevant controlling authority quot That s pretty much it Anything else is redundant Okay add in some sensible definitions such as what actually constitutes a remotely piloted aircraft system RPAS quot drone quot model aircraft etc and you re done Don t insult our intelligence by suggesting that a 20g Cheerson CX10 is in some way just as much an quot aircraft quot as an Airbus A380 or C172 or even that it represents as much of a threat to public safety as a 14Kg carbon multirotor it makes you look silly and exposes your rules to ridicule rather than respect Add some guidelines to help the feeble minded such as staying away from airports etc and you re done Remember the fewer rules regs the fewer loopholes created and the reduced need for quot exceptions quot to patch up the anomalies that complex regulations like the present ones invariably create That so many quot droners quot have such a poor grasp of the current rule set clearly proves that it is both too complex and inadequately promulgated With only one rule there can be no excuse for ignorance on the part of drone operators Rules amp regulations do not stop people from doing bad things they simply allow you to punish them after the fact Focus instead on a much simpler more concise rule set and dedicate your efforts to educating people as to exactly why those rules are important and what they can do to ensure they re compliant By suggesting that a child s toy is a real quot aircraft quot CAA are showing contempt for those who they ought to be encouraging to fly safely and responsibly This shows a complete lack of understanding of how to modify and shape human behaviour not good enough when lives are at stake CAA step away from the coffee and biscuits Revise CAA101 right now to make it fairer and more sensible in a way that shows commonsense and respect for those whose freedoms and privileges you so quickly remove Show some respect for the RC flying community and you ll be surprised at how freely we ll work to help you ensure that the droners aren t a risk to public safety Treat us like morons and you only have yourselves to blame when bad things happen due to your obvious arrogance and ignorance more about at Rant New Zealand CAA s new drone rules almost a year on