Main Salmon River Rafting During 2015 Wildfire Season Cataract Oars

Main Salmon River Rafting During 2015 Wildfire Season  Cataract Oars

Dylan Holt and friends defy raging wildfires to raft the Main Salmon after which they received an emergency evacuation Read more about it in Dylan s blog post on the Cataract Oars site https cataractoars com filament wound oars and paddles cataract oars current events regarding rivers whitewater outdoor recreation and paddle sports industry Using carbon fiber and fiberglass composite oars made in the USA by Cataract Oars of Salt Lake City Utah the group paddled their rafts down the Main Salmon River for eight days of friendship camaraderie and whitewater fun Dylan and friends rowed a variety of Cataract Oars oar shafts and oar blades the jet black all carbon X Wound oar shaft the ice blue carbon and fiberglass SGX oar shaft and the SGG oar shaft in the newest Cataract oars color orange Fitted to these oar shafts are the newest Cataract Oars blade the compression molded urethane Magnum II oar blade Cataract Oars oar shafts are manufactured with a technique known as filament winding which creates ultrastrong tubular composite structures In fact Advanced Composites Inc http advancedcomposites com which owns Cataract Oars uses the same technology and the same materials in their ultrastrong aerospace components military products and other high grade composite structures The Cataract Oars filament wound composite oar shafts are famous for their ability to stand up to the burliest whitewater on such rivers as the Lochsa River the Futaleufu River the Zambezi River or the Alsek River Cataract Oars blades are likewise built to last The Magnum II and the Cataract oar blades are compression molded of high grade urethane while the carbon fiber Razor oar blade is built strong and thin for drift boat fishing The Main Fork of the Salmon River is a top notch whitewater rafting destination Located in Idaho s Frank Church Wilderness area its aquamarine waters lose twelve hundred feet of elevation across 89 miles of whitewater rapids creating a whole lot of exciting river rafting moments Music quot The Agency of Missing Hearts quot by Kopeika more about at Main Salmon River Rafting During 2015 Wildfire Season Cataract Oars