Fishing Whipray Leopard At the mouth of the river citra C n R Fishing Mania Borneo

Fishing Whipray Leopard At the mouth of the river citra   C n R   Fishing Mania Borneo

Edition estuary fishing until now still has the potential ciitraa river fish a lot so many of the anglers who make the river s image as a destination for a spot of fishing Various fish are found here from a small size to the largest such as barramundi black bass grouper mangrove jack giant travelly barracudda lencam Siganus Scatophagus spotted scat and others See more videos Snakehead Using Jumpfrog Lure Casting https goo gl mLPkAj How to make Jumpfrog Lure https goo gl EvAkiY Fishing Mozambique Tilapia Tilapia https goo gl qGojpM Carp Fishing https goo gl 8k15pR Freshwater shrimp fishing https goo gl JTZccf Giant travelly Sensation Strike https goo gl NSVTVu Full Movie Fishing Lady Angler Fishing Trip To Saliki River https goo gl JbLD4u World Information Fish https goo gl yxcCqX Happy Enjoy Fishing Subscribe and watch our channel on https goo gl DW8iOu Join us on Facebook Mancing Mania Kaltim Further information on http goo gl TJX8Xh Fishing Whipray Leopard at the river mouth ciitra C n R Fishing Mania Borneo These channels also broadcast various types of fishing to various locations with different fishing techniques quot Jigging quot quot Popping quot quot Trolling quot quot Casting quot quot Bottom Fishing quot quot Fly Fishing quot and other techniques documentary film events outside fishing such as meetings family gatherings disaster relief and fire community service etc Moreover these channels also provide information and tutorials various fishing destination Such as how to feed how to fix a reel and how to care how to make a hook from steel wire make a recipe bait for fishing in the pond how to make a fishing knot and how your own custom stick your fishing rod and set it to be better and stronger Fish and a variety of information such as GT fish barramundi black bass mangrove jack red snapper grouper marlin dog tooth tuna yellow fin ruby snapper ketambak goalkeeper stingrays barracuda tarphoon toman snakehead cork Hampala catfish carp pepuyu tilapia tilapia eel shrimp and a variety of other fish species more about at Fishing Whipray Leopard At the mouth of the river citra C n R Fishing Mania Borneo