Snook Fishing in Everglades Nat Park Flamingo

Snook Fishing in Everglades Nat Park Flamingo

All i can say is it was one hell of a day in the Everglades with my buddy Rasta Pat The day started off all wrong we got stuck saw fish all day on the flat tailing but no bights We did like 30 miles on the Hewes running from spot to spot and if that ant all i broke my push pole So we were going to start heading in and call it a day when i got hit and my reel started screaming I tried to set the hook but it got off so i jumped over to the bait well and quickly put on the biggest shrimp i had in the live well I pitched it right back in the same spot that i had got spooled earlier next thing you know BOOM GO s The Dynamite big snook time Good Day On the water JoeyFlatsFishing com For collaborations and business inquiries please contact via Channel Pages http ChannelPages com FISHTHISKID more about at Snook Fishing in Everglades Nat Park Flamingo