CUSTOM MOTORCYCLE Water Proof Face masks of Second Face On

CUSTOM MOTORCYCLE Water Proof Face masks of Second Face On

Our new Extreme Gladiator protective face mask will replace our previous gladiator model it took us three years to design test and make our new extreme gladiator protective face mask Why do we call it the Extreme Gladiator because it will take you safely through the nastiest weather conditions that your face will encounter while riding your favorite motorcycle In fact it preforms so good that your can wear it while skiing air boat riding bass fishing and yes even weed whacking The Extreme Gladiator face mask comes with two different parts the other shell made from a hard ABS acrylonitrile butadiene styrene shaped and designed to withstand the impact of speeding objects that would otherwise damage your face if you were wearing a neoprene mask The second part which we call the RX guard not only prevents our lens from fogging down to zero degrees but will help when anyone wear rsquo s their prescription glasses from fogging The Rx guard creates a chamber which deflects your breathing in the direction of our aerodynamic breathing vents The Rx guard is a separate part that easily snaps in and out to make it easy for you to adjust air flow for your comfort in warmer and colder riding conditions Our lens which we have been using for the past five years is still the same dependable supper clear non fogging lens that is ANSI Z 87 1 rated safety rated for extreme impact We now offer the Extreme lens as a clear non fogging lens for the rider who prefers to wear his or her sunglasses as an option we also offer our photochromic lens a lens that changes color for day and night riding This non fogging photochromic lens changes form a clear to a dark smoked grey Both our face mask shell and RX insert have a soft washable hypoallergenic breathing memory foam insert for your comfort Yes ladies your make up will stay fresh and clean while you enjoy the protection from all of the elements that would otherwise ravage your skin Our new extreme Gladiator hard face mask will fit with all open face helmets while at the same time prevent your helmet being blown to the back of your head What is also great if you decide not to wear a helmet your can simply strap if on and have excellent face protection from the rain cold sleet hail Night riding bug season or just to look cool We are Second Face On We are 100 American made and we just do one thing ldquo Protecting Your Face is Our Business rdquo www SecondFaceon com more about at CUSTOM MOTORCYCLE Water Proof Face masks of Second Face On