Whitebaiting Marlborough New Zealand by Off the Land Outdoors

Whitebaiting Marlborough New Zealand by Off the Land Outdoors

Scoop Netting Whitebait in Marlborough New Zealand New New Zealand whitebait are caught in the lower reaches of the rivers using large open mouthed hand held scoop nets long sock nets or rigid typically wedge shaped set nets Whitebaiters must constantly attend the nets in order to lift them as soon as a shoal enters the net otherwise the whitebait quickly swim back out of the net Whitebaiters may fish from platforms known as a stands which may include screens to direct the fish and systems for raising and lowering nets Whitebaiting in New Zealand is a seasonal activity with a legally fixed and limited period which spans part of the annual migration The timing of the allowed fishing season is set to target the more common inanga while avoiding the less common species that mainly migrate before and after the whitebaiting season There is strict control over net sizes and rules against blocking the river or channelling the fish into the net to allow some fish to reach the adult habitats The whitebait themselves are very sensitive to objects in the river and are adept at dodging the nets Whitebait is a delicacy and commands high prices to the extent that it is the most costly fish on the market if available During average to good seasons prices vary between 70 and 130 per kilogram depending on your locality Proceeds from the sale of whitebait are also taxed with the rate being 25 in the 2012 13 tax year It is normally sold fresh in small quantities although some is frozen to extend the sale period Nevertheless whitebait can normally only be purchased during or close to the netting season The most popular way of cooking whitebait in New Zealand is the whitebait fritter which is essentially an omelette containing whitebait Purists use only the egg white in order to minimise interfering with the taste of the bait hunting fishing whitebaiting nz whitebaiting west coast nz whitebaiting whitebaiting tips Josh James Kiwi Bushman more about at Whitebaiting Marlborough New Zealand by Off the Land Outdoors