Black Grouper on light tackle under the bridge Black Grouper on light tackle under the bridge

Black Grouper on light tackle under the bridge Black Grouper on light tackle under the bridge

Light tackle fishing for grouper is one of my favorite things to do around Miami in the cooler months Sure they break off a lot but the challenge is what makes it fun Here is a decent black grouper from earlier this spring Fishermen here they are If you do not bite on a worm then we catch on the member No luck peasant More videos about fishing on my channel Thanks for watching And do not forget to put huskies Tags Fish bites immediately and a lot Blog about fishing Fishing Fishing Fishing Methods Baits Everything about fishing and recreation at places prirode Rybolovnye 2016fuji Humminbird rocker lingerie beach baubles Boyle spring soft plastic bait propeller wobblers ornamental lake pond reservoir question spinner depth prepare yourself sinker sinker sinker the sensor motion Desna jig jig head the bottom should donk asp live bait casting winter winter fishing winter fishing winter fishing rod manufacturing whims crucian carp carbon carp carp nod keel rings comfortable conservation smoker snag snags mugs hooks hook ice ice screws fishing line fishing line bream fishing fishing fishing for live bait boat hole fry material material supplies materials location place of catch can jig motor crank bait burbot head spawning spite unstable news need necessarily clothing clothes lake perch experience equipment oschen outlets pervol de before sand plastic roach dace roach on leash bream bite bite polyester float then the appliance cooking feeding bait bait bait lure bait principle wiring easy operation Rapala river relief rubalka fish fishing in town fishing fish finder fish tank carp best net with his own hands signal speed gear tackle spinning spinning process ability erase operation pike dry such twister heat thermal underwear thermal underwear for thickness tee tube carbon fiber rods rod udilnik fishing rod assembly ultralight feeder tails predator color Chernihiv to feel templates pike screen sonar Spinning from the shore and boats The most common mistakes fishing gear in 2016 it is not necessary to do fishing as fishing is best to catch a pike like bite carp the best video about fishing video lesson angler fishing tackle jig competition fishers in 2016 watch videos on YouTube about fishing in 2016 caught big perch day fisherman in 2016 at the bottom of a fisherman in 2016 an unusual bite broke Spinning wooden rod 2016 new Poquelin internet fishing fishermen yaforum Fishing boat on the calendar fisherman fishing facilities fishing suit fishing peace spring fishing videos fishing the spring 2016 spring ban on fishing summer fishing Zaret to catch more video about fishing on my YouTube channel more about at Black Grouper on light tackle under the bridge Black Grouper on light tackle under the bridge